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With over 100 years collective experience we are pursuers of excellence in our respective disciplines. Together we are committed to making Fairly a name synonymous with just that

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Devoted to supplying the world with authentic pure Ceylon tea, the journey of Fairly is an aromatic journey of integrity and passion. Fairly green tea and black tea can be found in Asia and the Middle-east and will soon make its way to the European market as well.

Abusaly Fatheela


Fatheela is a charismatic leader and adroit manager, capable of overseeing each phase of a project’s life cycle in a multinational environment. Well versed in the utilization of CRM and data management tools to optimize sales, marketing and customer loyalty, this multi-skilled front runner leads the team by undauntedly making decisions that benefit her team, business and global clientele.



The Single vision of CEO of Fairly Tea, the present CEO dream has sailed to create Fairly Tea to supply various types of Black, Green, and Value Added Teas to the global market mainly focus in Gulf and Asia

Armed with a clear vision for the company and a set of Swiss-army knife managerial skills, Mohammed oversees the planning of the company’s resources and delivery of the company’s performance to take Fairly to the forefront of the international Tea Market. He has over 22 years of experience in the international hospitality trade and is also an accomplished and capable trainer and mentor with the ability to train employees to meet world standards.


Director of Operations

Mohamed is a highly resourceful professional with handful of experience in tea from leaf to cup who exhausts every skill in his possession to support Fairly by managing and increasing effectiveness of the departments, anticipating and managing problems that arise and continual improving the current processes, policies and operations. He is also a highly efficient multi-tasker who closely liaises with every department in their day-to-day operations. Adept at tasting tea, quality control, managing and allocating budgets, Mohamed plays a significant role in long-term planning. He is totally responsible for the quality of every tea sip you taste under “Fairly Name”.


Director of Finance

With over 17 years experience in Finance management, Haris purviews the profitability of Fairly by planning, strategizing, directing, and controlling the accounting activities. These are executed via sound accounting systems, standards and procedures that are in par with international organizations. He further assists the management by analyzing and evaluating financial statements and accounting reports. He is also an Accounts Master of Internal Auditor


Executive Asst-Manager

Zerny is responsible for managing projects and performance at Fairly.  His decade long experience in the local and international Hotel trade in the Senior Management has proven him a competent manager, organizer, planner, controller and supervisor. He also assists in preparing annual operating budgets. Zerny contributes as an active team player by being an active listener and by giving feedback about project goals and tasks. His ease of multitasking makes him highly productive at his job.


Sales and Marketing Manager

As the head of Sales and Marketing, Safath is responsible for promoting Fairly in Middle-Eastern and Asian Markets.  He is primarily involved in setting sales and marketing objectives by planning, developing, implementing promotions and sales action plans for diverse markets. He has a thorough knowledge of Accounting software packages and QMS software and has worked in the sales division of the Sri Lankan tea industry for many years before heading over to work as assistant sales manager overseas. He is also well equipped to handle all types of documentation and maintain records.


Admin Manager

Ahamed has previously worked in Saudi Arabia as an Administration and Financial secretary and Human Resource and Administration officer. He has skills and experience in managing processes, communication, reporting, staffing, organization and promoting process improvement. He creates and maintains networks between the Fairly team, suppliers and clients, through communication and coordination and through documentation of tasks, gaps and continuing needs. He is also responsible for planning, arranging, meeting schedules and monitoring results.

Malik Nahim

Personal Secretary of CEO

Nahim performs comprehensive support to the CEO of the company by carrying out standard and personalized secretarial/administrative tasks through organized procedures set in place. He is fluent in over 4 languages that Includes English and Arabic. He is further experienced in data entry, stock-taking, documentation and maintenance of records and the supervision and monitoring of tasks and personnel. Highly computer literate, Nahim can also handle database systems, including QMS.

Each tea purchase comes with highest quality blended teas


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